Our Math Products

Pushed the limits of what JavaScript could do

Mathematical studio to build interactive simulations in 2D and 3D.

  • Computer algebra system
  • Drag-and-Drop interface to build graphs
  • Game and physics engine
  • Integrated scripting and live coding editor
MathDisk lets teachers and students explore Mathematics in an engaging and interactive way. It uses Natural Math notation, So students can simply type the expressions as they see it in their textbooks and visualize them.
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A Nifty tool for Geometrical Constructions in 3D.

  • Geometrical Constructions
  • Transformations
  • Patterns and Tessellations
  • Step by Step animation
Use just a handful of simple commands to build "compass and straightedge" geometrical constructions on a virtual 3D paper. Exactly as you do using a physical straightedge, compass and protractor.
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The team behind our math products went on to build cutting-edge science simulations for top-notch institutions like Ghent University - Belgium, University of Colorado Boulder - USA
NASA Langley Research Center
STEM Conference, Longwood University, USA
Ministry of Education, Cambodia by co-founder Rafiq Jaffar Ali
Longwood University, Virginia, USA by co-founder Rafiq Jaffar Ali
MatCon (Malaysia) – Paradigm in Mathematics Education for Global Competitiveness
BEXCO, Busan, South Koren by Dr Ajit Kumar ( Institute Of Chemical Technology, Mumbai )
Academic Articles published about Robocompass and Mathdisk on Peer Reviewed Journals