Case studies

How we applied innovation and technology to help our client achieve their goals

Apache Kafka data aggregation

Developed a rule based framework using Apache Kafka, Debezium connectors, Kafka streaming, Redis to aggregate millions of records in real time. This helped our customer to add new datasource with less hassle and greatly reduced the operational cost of the system.

Realtime composite data aggregation

SVG based Interactive Circuit Editor

An application to build PCB design and circuit schematics by searching and embedding hundreds of electronic components from various categories

Circuit Editor

JBoss Drools Engine Based Algorithmic Trading System

Allows traders to define custom trading strategies using complex mathematical operators and statistical functions. This generic constructs are transformed into drools ruleset using a custom developed parser and deployed in real time against broker feeds.

Algorithmic forex trading rule engine

A WebGL based particle system

A Science simulation to demonstrate how membrane permeability changes in terms of different types of channels in a neuron.

Realtime composite data aggregation

Weld Measurement and Annotation Editor

Built a Welding management software using MEAN Stack from scratch for mapping, tracking, tracing and to create final project documentation. This also includes a GUI editor to mark, annotate, measure weld diagrams.

Realtime composite data aggregation

A D3.js based drill down and rollup interface

The app allows FATCA administrators to track key data on their clients and sponsored entities, monitor FATCA compliance, collate financial accounts and automate reporting.

Realtime composite data aggregation

Constraint programming using Opta Planner

Built a Java, SpringBoot based vehicle routing engine which takes into account, constraints such as capacity requirements of the vehicles, Travel-needs of the para-transit passengers and distance and cost matrix of stop points.

Realtime composite data aggregation

GIS and Leaflet Map Integration

Built a highly interactive travel planner user interface using Leaflet with custom extensions is developed for one of Europe's leading transportation and mobility solution provider.

Realtime composite data aggregation

Metadata Driven Rule Authoring System

This feature is built as part of large form processing system. It allowed form authors to dynamically configure business rules by composing various rule predicates.

Realtime composite data aggregation

Neo4J based Evaluation System

A graph based database is constructed to mirror the complex dependencies between different types of questions and answers. The answer values are modeled as transitions between different question nodes. As the user steps through different questions, the system intelligently reveals further questions based on the answer and prior scores.

3D Bin Packing Container Optimization

A ThreeJS based 3D App was built to suggest placement, loading, unloading details of shipping containers based on dimensions, priority and other logistics constraints. The backend used OPTA Planner optimization engine to provide the solution coordinates.

Realtime composite data aggregation

Legacy Java to Typescript Migration Using ANTLR

A Huge code base written in legacy Java was migrated to Typescript using ANTLR based code generation tool. Application specific grammar fragments were written which automated code generation close to 70% of legacy code. This has resulted in huge gains both in terms of cost and time for the customer.