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Sharfudeen Ashraf

Founder and Principal Architect

Ashraf is the principal software engineer responsible for all technical aspects of both product and services teams. Prior to founding Provility, he was a Senior Architect in the Center of Excellence for Architecture with HCL Technologies and has provided architectural consultancy to numerous Fortune 500 companies across US and Europe.

Ashraf has written articles for Java.net, the popular Java technology portal and made code contribution to Mule, the Industry leading Java Enterprise Service Bus. He has also published peer reviewed mathematical articles. Ashraf works both on enterprise scale server side transaction processing systems and user interface algorithms involving complex mathematics with the same vigour and passion.

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Rafeeq JaffarAli

Co-founder and Product Manager

Rafeeq holds a Master's degree in Engineering from Wichita State University, USA and has more than a decade of experience in managing product quality with software and engineering companies in the US. Rafeeq has presented papers and conducted workshops on Provility's mathematical products in many international conferences.

Rafeeq drives the product development and business strategy for Provility. He lives with his family in California, US.

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Mohamed Imthiyas

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Mohamed Imthiyas is an Electronics and Communications Engineer by background and has many years of experience across a number of international markets. He has worked for blue chip companies including Maersk, Airops, UBS and Pitney Bowes.

He has also accumulated significant experience of working with Healthcare, Aviation and Maritime industries. Much of Mohamed's recent history has been in building managing and leading major projects and successfully developing and implementing growth strategies. He is based in UK and maintains relationship with our European clients.

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